Tying a knot in my yo-yo

When I was a little girl, I was always so jealous of the kids who could whip their yo-yos around and do all kinds of fancy tricks. I always wanted to be a yo-yo pro.  To be able to whip that thing out and in and up and down and all around.  Little did I know that as an adult I would be a yo-yo pro.  Just not the kind I wanted to be!


One of the biggest, loudest and most frustrating common threads between all of us ninjas, is that at one time, or lots of times throughout our adult lives, we’ve struggled with our weight.  I think Ninja Kirsten said it best in her intro, when she said that looking for support in our struggles to find and maintain a healthy lifestyle is what originally brought us all together, so it’s no surprise that for me, it continues to be a struggle.

I took this picture in the winter of 2013.  It's now my go-to picture when I need encouragement!  Plus, I really love my hair in this picture!

I took this picture in the winter of 2013. It’s now my go-to picture when I need encouragement! Plus, I really love my hair in this picture!

Two years ago, I made a bet with my brother and husband that my sister-in-law and I could lose a greater percentage of weight (a la Biggest Loser) than they could.  I worked my butt off (literally) and I lost close to 40 pounds (and totally kicked the boys’ butts I might add!)  I kept it off for a good 6 months and then slowly, the pounds started to creep back on.  It seemed like every time I had my momentum back and felt like I was back in the right head space, something, I like to call it life, got in the way.  Let’s be honest here, I got lazy.  I’m good (no wait, used to be good) at losing.  I seriously suck at maintaining!  Of that almost 40 pounds lost, I’ve gained back about 25.

So, 6 weeks ago I made a decision.  I decided that I was sick of not being happy about how I looked and felt about myself and that I was going to make changes – but changes that I could maintain. Enter Ninja Em’s plan for #38isgonnabegreat!

crazy furry beasts

I have two, big, furry beasts who I affectionately refer to as my girls – in a house full of boys, I’ll take the estrogen in whatever form it comes!  My poor, neglected girls had been under exercised all winter long.  Let’s face it, after a winter like the one we had last year, it wasn’t too hard to find an excuse to not go outside for most of it.  Step one in the plan was to put a hard stop to hibernation mode!  Now, I’m getting out there at least five times a week and doing a 5K lap around the neighbourhood. And just like that, there was a knot in my yo-yo!

The second knot got tied the day I finally found the courage to start and keep doing the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 2.0 I started her original challenge last year, but I’m pretty sure that my motivation jumped off of the ship and rowed ashore around day 20!  This time, I’m happy to report that I just finished day 37 sweating buckets and ready to get back at it tomorrow.  If you’re looking for a fitness program that’s effective, fast and not monotonous, I promise you!  This is the one for you!  I seriously despise most pre-recorded workouts.  I hate doing the same thing over and over again, especially once I’ve done it enough times that I know exactly what they’re going to say, when they’re going to say it and can anticipate a jump to the left before they even do it!  Briana is real, she’s fun and she’s good at what she does!

I’d like to tell you that the pounds are just melting off and that I’m going to be back into my size 8’s in no time.  I’d like to tell you that, but then I’d be lying.  In all honestly, I haven’t stepped on the scale in about 3 weeks, but I can tell from how my clothes are fitting that although there are definite changes in my body – and good ones, the weight loss hasn’t been huge.  So, the next piece of my puzzle needs to be food.  The 3rd knot in my yo-yo is yet to be tied, but I promise you this!  BEFORE the snow flies this fall, it will be.

This, is now my #38isgonnabegreat mantra.  It doesn't matter what I do, as long as I just keep going!

This, is now my #38isgonnabegreat mantra. It doesn’t matter what I do, as long as I just keep going!

Over the next couple of weeks, I plan to experiment with a few different approaches.  I’m honestly petrified to give iifym a try simply because I’m absolutely horrible about weighing and measuring.  No, wait!  That’s not really the truth.  I’m horrible about actually weighing and measuring and then not adding more to what I’ve weighed and measured! Hmmmm, perhaps that’s a problem?  In all honesty though, I do have concerns for how it will work with our family but am not opposed to giving it a whirl! I’d love to hear your real life experiences, so please share any tricks, thoughts, or magical iifym miracle workers you know of!


I’m off to perfect my knotted yo-yo tricks!  Three knots is the charm?

~Ninja em


Facing Fears; Ninja Styles!

In my adult life, there’s always been one question that I’ve been really terrified  by.  The one that is normal to ask in a social situation when you first meet someone.  That loaded question that will either make or break a relationship the second it rolls off of the tongue of the asker.  What is that one question you ask?

“Tell me a bit about yourself.”

See, it seems pretty innocent sitting up there all on its own, doesn’t it?  It seems like any reasonable person could probably think of two or three really compelling facts about themselves and move on with the conversation, right?  Clearly this is where I choose the path less travelled!

I could tell the inquisitor that I’m a SAHM to two incredible little boys – my Big Dude is 9 and my Little Stinky is almost 6.  Never have two siblings been born from the same parents and been so very different from one another.  Big Dude likes to make the rules.  Little Stinky?  He was born to break them!


I could also tell them that I’m married to an amazing man with whom I will celebrate 12 years of married life this coming October.  He swept me off of my feet almost 14 years ago and it’s been a whirlwind of ups and sideways ever since!

I could probably also share that I love coffee, warm summer days, fun girly things like shopping and spa days and music.  I could offer that although they drive me nuts on a regular basis, I love my family above and beyond anything else in this world and would move mountains for any one of them.


I could just tell you that I’m a Libra and therefore can’t make a decision to save my life which means picking those two or three points about myself is clearly impossible!

See, here in lies the problem.  I have so many things I’d like to share with everyone, but how do you fit that all into a tiny little answer?  To put it simply, you don’t!  Instead, you agree to start a blog with an amazing group of women who, in an absolutely stars-aligning-once-in-a-lifetime-unexpected-event came into your life almost two years ago and have been an amazing source of love, laughter and inspiration ever since.

So, if I were to tell you something about myself at this very moment, I would tell you that I love being a ninja and I think you will too!