Meal Plan Monday September 8

We're linking up with orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday be sure to stop by and check out her menu and hundreds of others.

We’re linking up with orgjunkie’s Menu Plan Monday. Be sure to stop by and check out her menu here and hundreds of others.

This week’s menu plan was easier than most because it is a shop in my freezer week. That means as random or plain as the meals are I am determined to clean out my freezer and use up some of my previously prepped food. There are lots of good reasons to do this on a regular basis such as prevent things from being lost in the deep dark depth of your deep freezer, add a little variety, change over to a new season of foods and flavours or your hot water breaks and you have to purchase a new one. Ok maybe that last one was just me, but I really didn’t like the idea of spending another cent after forking out that cash so freezer shopping I went!

Its is also the start of extra curricular activities this week. Those words can strike fear into any brave mother. The driving, the forms, the 3.6 minutes you have to pick up your child, feed them a healthy nutritious meal, wrangle them into some uniform or another and get them to practice.

So with that in mind I went simple!


Click on the photo to see a bigger version of the menu plan 🙂


Stay tuned soon for a post on all our tips and tricks to save time and money while still making sure our families get quality, healthy foods.



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