I am…..


I am many things but figuring out what things about me make me a ninja is hard. I am the procrastinator of the group obviously since I am the last to post, and wanna be perfectionist since this is probably my 6th version of my intro. But I am much more.

My name is Kirsten, I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I am one of the Canadian Ninjas  and very lucky to live close to Megan in the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia. I work full time (plus some) for a non profit organization with children, I have a near five year old son about to enter kindergarten (get ready for cute bento lunch posts) and have been married for what seems like for-ever! (just kidding honey)

Like the others I love coffee, sushi, reading, cooking, wine and having fun.  I love to learn about nutrition but hate anything that feels like exercise. You will never find me in a gym but biking with my family, exploring the local parks & trails or hanging in my backyard with friends makes up my free time. I love to entertain, menu plan, and try new foods. I am shy but sarcastic and once I get talking I never shut up. I am never without my phone or iPad but am completely computer illiterate. This is going to be a great big adventure for me and I can’t wait to get it started with you.

Searching out a group of women online that were there to support each other in a healthy life was how we met, one fateful New Year’s Eve chat was how we connected and now we are family. Welcome to Being Ninjas.

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