This crazy ninja’s life

Hi, I’m Leslie one of the Midwest Ninjas. I’ve been thinking about this introduction for weeks and really freaking out a bit about what in the world I could tell you about myself that would be of any interest at all.
I keep coming back to, “how can I be this busy and this BORING at the same time??” and then I realize my life isn’t boring, it’s simple and it’s exactly the way I want it. Maybe not as exciting as some, or as thrilling as others, and maybe not exactly how I envisioned it would be once upon a time, but dreams change and evolve as we do, and this crazy life is my dream. Because you see I’m Momma to six of the coolest kids on the planet. They are ages 16 – 6 (three girls and three boys) and keep us laughing and entertained 24/7. I’m Wife to my high school sweetheart, who still (after 17 years and counting) looks at my disturbing pre 6 am self, or me belting out a broadway tune, or the times I’m bouncing off the walls, mad, sad, crying, at my wits end…like I’m the best person he knows. Our life is crazy and wonderful and hard and stressful and…perfect.
Our family lives on a farm in Illinois where we run our own businesses and try to spend as much time with our kids as we can. We have five Golden Retrievers, two horses, and three cats. I love to fish and hike and read. My grandma used to spend hours with me fishing and it’s something I took for granted until I didn’t have her here with me anymore. Now I see it as a priceless heirloom memory. Give me a coffee (my favorite food group), a book, and access to my ninjas and I’m sure to have a great day! I’m good at pinching a penny until it screams, I adore cooking, I’m obsessed with office supplies (Staples, Amirite?!), schedules, and sushi. I love camping with my hooligans and being lazy at the beach. I’m a hippy and a gypsy at heart and would love nothing more than to show you some of our adventures and misadventures!

I’m forever thankful for that New Years that brought all of us together. People ask me how our friendship started and I have to laugh as I explain “…we started chatting and just never stopped!” I’m not sure even the ninjas know just how much they mean to me. They are my sisters. Sisters that encourage, make you laugh until you cry, understand, always have a kind word, kick your rear when you need it, motivate, dig holes…I could go on and on. I can’t wait for you all to get to know them better. They are truly the best women I know and I’m a better person for being one of them. Welcome to Being Ninjas.


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