Becoming NINJAFIED in Indiana

The task of sitting down and writing something about yourself…..something I have fretted about for a week. I come on the tails of some of my awesome fellow ninjas who so eloquently described themselves by encompassing the sweet, multidimensional friends that they are and am approaching this blog as a tool to step out of my comfort zone. We shall start there.
My comfort zone is in a small quaint fixer upper home in the state of Indiana. FIXER UPPER being the very bane of my existence!! I can share this experience with Mark, my very sweet, hardworking husband of 5 years (7 together) that, remarkably, has made it out alive throughout this whole process and not buried in a hole somewhere in my backyard (side note, we aren’t done yet!). I would say that as the years of marriage roll past us, I have learned to love him better, work alongside him better, and be a better friend to him, better spouse. We are a very medically oriented family as I am a nurse and he is a firefighter/medic which causes our dinner conversations to be pretty interesting! I am a step momma to his four children and a momma to my two boys. His four are in another state and all out of high school and we don’t get to see them as much as we’d like. I have the pleasure of being a mom to “D” who just graduated high school and is stepping into the world and “AB” who is getting ready to walk the halls of high school for the first time as a freshman! Both boys have kept me very busy and involved with travel sports as well as school sports – baseball, basketball, track and football. Not to mention that being a mom to two teenage boys can be cause for many thought provoking conversations!

niagaraWe share our world with five fur faces and I can always tell a story of what one of them are doing! I am a tried and true animal lover. With three dogs and two cats in the mix, life can get pretty interesting! Two of my pups I rescued from the animal shelter (one was mere days away from being euthanized) and one is my golden retriever whom I got as a puppy. One could argue that I tend to feel more comfortable around animals as opposed to humans but it’s become painfully clear that those relationships can’t always carry you through the tough times!

 005 Essie

As I’ve embarked on this journey of an internet friendship with the ninjas, I’ve found that my life was very one dimensional a couple of years ago. I was caught up in the sport mom role. We were SO busy with travel and with school sports, I feel like that was the only time I could devote to anything. As my schedule is loosening up a bit, I find that some of the experiences the ninjas have shared have caused me to crave some knowledge about different, unique things (food, gardening, BEES). You could say that learning about others and their interests has caused me to explore some new things of my own. WINE!! I never even gave thought to wine before them and have quite the rack filled in my home now and am continuing to learn! I have taken a pretty avid role in volunteering at the local animal shelters and teaching my children what it is like to give their time. I have grown closer to my husband and we carve out time to either travel (we take a cruise every year and will be going on our 6th cruise this November!) or just hop on his motorcycle and cruise through the towns and roads of Indiana. Being less busy has definitely opened up our minds to dream about spending more time just…being.
On my days off, in the quiet still of the morning, you can usually find me drinking my very treasured first cup of coffee catching up on emails, blogs and chatting with my ninjas, talking myself into lacing up my shoes for a walk or getting the yoga mat out for a session. Nutrition and fitness are what brought me to know my fellow ninjas and quite honestly, it is still a cause for struggle in my world! I also enjoy shopping with my nieces, whom I am very close to, throwing tennis balls outside to my pups, or planning my next trip to Barnes and Nobles by myself with a cup of coffee. So welcome!!! Welcome to our zany, ADD (read: “squirrel” moments in conversation), OCD (slight), honest, REAL world that we like to call being a ninja.


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