Facing Fears; Ninja Styles!

In my adult life, there’s always been one question that I’ve been really terrified  by.  The one that is normal to ask in a social situation when you first meet someone.  That loaded question that will either make or break a relationship the second it rolls off of the tongue of the asker.  What is that one question you ask?

“Tell me a bit about yourself.”

See, it seems pretty innocent sitting up there all on its own, doesn’t it?  It seems like any reasonable person could probably think of two or three really compelling facts about themselves and move on with the conversation, right?  Clearly this is where I choose the path less travelled!

I could tell the inquisitor that I’m a SAHM to two incredible little boys – my Big Dude is 9 and my Little Stinky is almost 6.  Never have two siblings been born from the same parents and been so very different from one another.  Big Dude likes to make the rules.  Little Stinky?  He was born to break them!


I could also tell them that I’m married to an amazing man with whom I will celebrate 12 years of married life this coming October.  He swept me off of my feet almost 14 years ago and it’s been a whirlwind of ups and sideways ever since!

I could probably also share that I love coffee, warm summer days, fun girly things like shopping and spa days and music.  I could offer that although they drive me nuts on a regular basis, I love my family above and beyond anything else in this world and would move mountains for any one of them.


I could just tell you that I’m a Libra and therefore can’t make a decision to save my life which means picking those two or three points about myself is clearly impossible!

See, here in lies the problem.  I have so many things I’d like to share with everyone, but how do you fit that all into a tiny little answer?  To put it simply, you don’t!  Instead, you agree to start a blog with an amazing group of women who, in an absolutely stars-aligning-once-in-a-lifetime-unexpected-event came into your life almost two years ago and have been an amazing source of love, laughter and inspiration ever since.

So, if I were to tell you something about myself at this very moment, I would tell you that I love being a ninja and I think you will too!


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